The NUT leadership has been condemned by the Independent Trades Union Solidarity over plans to launch a political fund. NUT General Secretary, Steve Sinnott says that an NUT political fund will not alter the union's traditional political independence. He says the fund will only be used to oppose the BNP and similar groups at elections.
Solidarity General Secretary, Patrick Harrington said, however
"In reality this fund will assist the Labour party since it is in their areas that the BNP is strongest and their candidates most at risk of losing seats. We also object to Unions which operate on an 'opt -out' rather than 'opt-in' basis.
History shows that members are often unaware that they are paying into such schemes and are often dissuaded/hindered from 'opting out'. This will be particularly so in this example as, if it is established by a general vote, anyone opting out will be suspected/accused of being pro-BNP whatever their actual motive.
We would not object if it were an 'opt-in' scheme but we believe this option is not being offered. Therefore for  these reasons I hope that NUT members will vote against establishing the fund."
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