21/05/2010 - Make a Noise for Freedom, Birmingham, May 24

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The Civil Liberty group and the Trade Union Solidarity have organised a demonstration in Birmingham outside the offices of the General Teaching Council (GTC)  in Victoria Square, Birmingham on May 24. Why?

A teacher, Adam Walker, is facing charges before the GTC of 'unprofessional conduct'. The charge is about views he expressed on the Internet concerning politics and religion.  It claims that the views expressed were "suggestive of racial and religious intolerance". The comments were made under a pseudonym and never mentioned his name or the name of the School where he worked.
We believe that everyone must have the right to express their opinions (whether we agree with them or not). Freedom of expression is vital in a democracy. No one should be punished for expressing their opinion on religion or politics.
Oppose Censorship
The Solidarity  Trade Union and Civil Liberty support the rights of citizens to express their varied opinions . If the GTC were successful in their case it would put us on the slippery slope to censorship.It would make  teachers frightened to express their views and take away their rights as citizens. That is why on May 24 we will be holding a protest on the theme "Make a noise for freedom!".
Members of the press wishing to arrange an interview or attend the demo can contact the Solidarity General Secretary, Patrick Harrington on 07794 486858 or [email protected] &

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