01/06/2009 - Solidarity:- 'Our Members call the shots!'

Press reports (The Times and Mail) of a £5,000 donation to the Solidarity Trade Union from Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party (BNP) are misleading.

These are the facts. We were offered the money by Mr Griffin in February of this year. He said he supported our work exposing the threat to British jobs from cheap, non-Unionised migrant labour. Further he was pleased that we, unlike some other Unions, do not bar BNP members from joining. Indeed we oppose discrimination in employment on political grounds. We gratefully accepted this donation since we run an effective yet costly service for our Union members, which includes representing them at hearings, grievances and tribunals. As a Trade Union we are entitled to accept donations without restrictions.
Our President, Adam Walker, commented:-
"It is ironic, given the expenses scandal engulfing British politics, that a politician is criticised for giving money away rather than pocketing it for himself! Nick Griffin has acted honestly in passing on a donation given to use at his absolute discretion. He sought to respect the wishes of an apparently genuine well wisher by giving it to a good cause yet keeping to the letter and spirit of the law on donations to political parties."
The Times  journalist, Fiona Hamilton, attacked our Union because she couldn't accuse Mr Griffin of corruption or illegality. The journalist concerned was motivated by spite at seeing her intended story fall apart.
The Union is independent of any Political Party. We offer no advice as to who our members should vote for and members of differing Parties and viewpoints are active workers for our Union. The Union is open to all regardless of political or faith beliefs, or ethnic identity.
Solidarity is controlled by its members through direct elections for the Executive and General Meetings. The disgraced former official who collaborated with the Times was not ousted in a 'hostile takeover' orchestrated by the BNP as he claimed. He failed to attend General Meetings called to resolve internal issues. He failed to stand for election when one was called by the Union's EC in November 2007. He believes that he is head of a parallel paper union - a Union that provides no representation, advice or guidance, does not comply with legal obligations and holds no meetings! Put simply he is deluded.
Solidarity is an autonomous nationalist Trade Union which is controlled by no Party.
It belongs to its members.
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