14/12/2008 - Switch now before expulsion

The autonomous Trade Union Solidarity is outraged to hear that some establishment Unions are scouring the leaked 'BNP membership list'  seeking any of their own members who appear on it. 

They are doing this so that they can bring disciplinary action against them purely on political grounds. Solidarity does not practise political discrimination and believes that an individuals political vetting is wrong. In an organisation such as a Trade Union, whose function should be to defend the human and employment rights of its members whilst at work, such discrimination betrays a political bias that simply excludes parts of the workforce.
Given the close relationship between many of the Establishment Unions and the Labour Party we fully expect there to be a 'witch-hunt' which will result in a fresh round of persecution and discrimination against alleged BNP Trade Unionists in the near future.
Solidarity's General Secretary Patrick Harrington said:-
"Trade Unions that are trawling through this list are simply copying their counterparts in the US who searched so-called 'Un-American lists' for alleged Communist Party members in the 1950's. They were wrong then and they are wrong now".
He continued:-
 "Unfortunately many of these Unions are in the pockets of the Labour Party so we fully expect them to expel members on political grounds. I urge any worker on this list who is a member of an establishment Trade Union because of a sense of misplaced loyalty or inertia  to switch quickly to Solidarity before expulsion. In this way we can protect them from the consequences of any political witch-hunt". 
Contact: Patrick Harrington (Solidarity General Secretary) 07794 486858
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