Union vindicated in Certification Office Report - 08/12/2008

The autonomous Trade Union Solidarity has been the subject of a number of vexatious complaints to the Certification Office. The Certification Office is a State agency which has certain responsibilities regarding Trade Unions.

Mr Clive Potter (a disgruntled former official)  alongside Searchlight magazine and Lancaster 'Unite Against Fascism' submitted a number of financial allegations and demanded an investigation. The Certification Office investigated all allegations thoroughly and have published a comprehensive report. The key allegations made against the Union were dismissed.

Gerard Walker for the Certification Office states:-

"My overall conclusions, having investigated the individual allegations, is that I have found no evidence of personal dishonesty or systematic maladministration of members' money".

Of the complainants he says "I have no doubt that those bringing the allegations that I have investigated were more concerned with progressing this power struggle than the actual issues relating to process and compliance.......".

Solidarity General Secretary Mr Patrick Harrington said "I would like to thank the Certification Office for their fairness and professionalism during the investigation. The Union co-operated throughout and has learned valuable lessons from the process.  Those interested should read the whole report rather than subjective and partisan accounts from tainted sources."