12/09/2008 Union Bosses bottle fight back!

The free Trade Union Solidarity criticised the decision of the majority of Union delegates not to support a Prison Officers Association's (POA) amendment at the TUC Conference as a 'bottle job'.
The amendment to a call for protests proposed a series of strikes over pay in the Public Sector in response to the Government's derisory offers.
Union President Adam Walker said "Like Nero, Gordon Brown procrastinates in the face of crises, one which sees the standard of living declining for many British workers. Inflation, even using the Government's own rigged figures, soars yet the innocent worker is expected to 'pay' for the mistakes of bankers and speculators."
He continued: - "The Government does not listen to protest or common sense. The Chancellor is fully prepared to force workers to bear the brunt of the so-called 'credit crunch' rather than the guilty parties. Solidarity's small but growing membership supports the POA's call for strike action on behalf of vulnerable workers, which if called over specific wage demands are perfectly legal. Once again some Union's bosses 'special relationship' with a Labour Government is costing the British worker dear."
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