12/09/2008 - Migrant Labour: when it's time to stop!

The Government's rejection of the Cross-Party Parliamentary Group on Balanced Migration's call for a cap on migrant labour was branded as short-sighted by the free Nationalist Trade Union - Solidarity.  
Union President Adam Walker said "Uncontrolled Migrant labour has helped suppress wages in many trades. Employers don't invite workers from overseas for any reason other than their ability to pay less than the going rate. Not only has this caused problems for some of our members but the massive influx over the past few years have created social problems too.
He added "The Government's refusal at this stage to cap such labour, given a projected 10% increase over the next 20 years, is dangerous both economically and politically. Unforgivably there are some Trade Union officials too that support the Government's stance in this regard, putting their personal politics before their member's interest. It is not surprising then that many of the latter are looking to Solidarity as their natural home."
"While we recognise that the Government is not yet interested in the feelings of a vulnerable workforce in time, rather than listen to Union sycophants, the Government and greedy employer's will have to listen to the authentic voice of the British worker!".
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