12/09/2008 - British Workers face choice: Heat or Eat!

The Government's refusal to levy a windfall tax on cash rich energy companies has been condemned by the autonomous Trade Union - Solidarity.
President Adam Walker said "The rise in basic prices whether foodstuffs, fuel or energy is not being covered by meagre pay-rises. Consequently as belts are pulled tighter many low paid British workers will be faced with a difficult choice this winter: do they heat or eat?
One way the Chancellor could have helped these workers and also Pensioners would have been to levy a windfall tax on energy companies, whether oil or utilities. The vast profits some of these conglomerates have amassed on the back of inflated prices is obscene. The fact that the Government has failed to direct some of that profit back to the most needy makes a mockery of the supposed values of the Labour Government and their supporters amongst some of the traditional Trade Unions. This Government is clearly out of touch with its roots and will ultimately pay the price at the ballot box"
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