22/08/2008 - Sita: TU rights upheld

In a dramatic turn around waste company Sita Suez have reinstated three workers suspended simply for belonging to a Trade Union (Solidarity).
The ‘Willenhall 3’ were suspended two weeks ago after a rival Union (UNITE) had complained to the employer that Solidarity was recruiting members from their ranks.They also made veiled threats concerning the Company and Council contracts. 
Solidarity took immediate action. In just a week over 350 people signed an online petition and members contacted the company to politely but firmly complain. The leadership of Solidarity made it clear to the company that they regarded the suspension of members as an attack on the fundamental right of a worker to belong to a Trade Union of their choice. Further they indicated that they regarded the suspension itself (albeit on full-pay) as an act of victimisation and harassment.
Adam Walker, President of Solidarity, commented:

“Whilst we are delighted that Sita Suez have seen sense after their initial blunder we are concerned over the actions of UNITE  which seems to have been trying to enforce some kind of closed shop. It is a serious matter for a Union to pressure managers to take action against members of another Union. The actions of Unite are beneath contempt. Unite are so far twisted from the original ideals of the Union pioneers that they are scarcely recognisable. I hope their members vote with their feet. Genuine Trade Unionists should leave them now and build the alternative - Solidarity.”
Contact: Patrick Harrington (Solidarity General Secretary) 07794 486858 or [email protected] (
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