17/10/2015 - Solidarity campaigns to outlaw cast discrimination in the UK

casteSolidarity is petitioning Caroline Dinenage Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Women and Equalities and Family Justice. We are calling for The section of the Equality Act dealing with Caste discrimination to be enacted.

Section 9 (5) of the Equalities Act says, A Minister of the Crown may by order:

“(a) amend this section so as to provide for caste to be an aspect of race;
(b) amend this Act so as to provide for an exception to a provision of this Act to apply, or not to apply, to caste or to apply, or not to apply, to caste in specified circumstances.”

Unfortunately, the Conservative Government has not enacted that section citing a lack of public consultation (which they singularly failed to organise).

Pat Harrington, general secretary of the Solidarity Trade Union said: "The recent case of Chandhok versus Tirkey shows that caste discrimination is being practised in the United Kingdom. Section 9(5) of the Equalities Act (2010) must be amended to provide for caste to be an aspect of race so that it is clear that such discrimination will not be tolerated. No human being should have to suffer in the way the Claimant in this case did."

You can sign the petition here.