01/02/2021 - Build Britain's Base

Build Britains Base FBBritain stands at a crossroads.
Over 50 years ago Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson spoke of the speed of technological change and its implications for industry.
At the end, he spoke the lines for which it would be remembered. Wilson warned his audience that if the country was to prosper, a "new Britain" would need to be forged in the "white heat" of the "scientific revolution".
Sadly, both he and subsequent British Prime Ministers have failed to live up to the rhetoric. Some would say that "they talk a good fight".
Yet the need for our nation to embrace technology and rebuild our industrial base remains.
International buyers are buying up technology we produce here in the UK. The trend is clear IMI mobile bought up by the US Cisco, ARM Holdings bought up by the Japanese Softbank, and Calisen being bought by a consortium led by the Canadian BlackRock to give just a few examples. What this means is that our country often does not get to develop world-beating technology to its own advantage. It is others who swoop in at an early stage and gain the future profits.
Don't listen to the doomers. It's not because we don't have innovative ideas or companies.
Look at the role Oxford University played in developing the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. Look at the great UK firms involved in the emerging Hydrogen fuel developer Ceres Power.
We still have great ideas and potential.
We need to nurture these companies and ideas and keep them British so that we can reap the benefits as they grow and prosper.
As a patriotic union, we want to see Britain rebuild its base and prosper.
We want to start a national conversation on what we need to do to embrace the "white heat" of the technological and scientific revolution.