Annual Conference Re-Direction Point

 Annual Conference
The second Annual Conference of Solidarity will take place this coming Saturday (23 February, 2008). Any member wishing to attend should meet stewards outside McDonalds (A38), 5 Bristol road, Birmingham, B5 7TT at 1330. As the meeting will begin at 1400 it is your responsibility to ensure that you get to the re-direction at the set time.
In order to vote at the meeting you will need to bring with your membership card with you. We will be checking to ensure that all those members attending the meeting are fully paid-up and are not the subject of any outstanding suspension or disciplinary procedure. If anyone seeking to attend the meeting is in arrears or the subject of a suspension they will either be denied entry to the meeting or be allowed to attend but not vote. If you have any doubt as to your status please contact us prior to the meeting.
We will be operating bag searches and other security measures at the meeting. If you don't wish to have your bag searched please arrange to leave it with left luggage or don't bring one! If you wish to take photographs you will need the permission of the meeting Chairman, Adam Walker, and you may be limited as to what photographs you are allowed to take. We expect all mobiles to be switched off during the meeting. No recording equipment will be allowed at the meeting.
When you enter the meeting you will be given a pack containing reports and resolutions. You will be given some time to read through this pack before we start debating and voting. We also advise that you bring a packed lunch with you as we have quite a bit of business to go through and we will be working through it from 1400 to 1700.
We look forward to members there!