22/04/2007 - Solidarity 100,000 Leaflet Advert

100,000 leaflets are being distributed by the British National Party (BNP) countering allegations against their Party. The leaflets will be distributed by BNP activists in the last ten days prior to polling on May 3, 2007. Our independent Union has an interest in this.

We don't support any political party as we draw members from all political persuasions. Our General Secretary, Patrick Harrington, has commented on one aspect of the election campaign.

Some of the established Unions are bankrolling an anti-BNP campaign involving telephone pestering of voters and direct mail. Patrick states:-

"It is a disgrace that any Union resources are being devoted to giving New Labour an advantage in these local elections. NuLab are no friends of the Unions or working people. We are being squeezed by cheap, non-unionised migrant labour coming in and our jobs going out through off-shoring. Instead of the leaders meddling in party politics for dubious personal motives genuine Union activists need to address these issues & either force the bureaucrats and placemen at the top to do the same or leave them and join a fighting, independent Union dedicated to the interests of all workers in our country - Solidarity."

Comments from Patrick are carried on the leaflets together with a plug for this web page. Many of those reading the leaflets may not be supporters of the BNP but may be interested in the aims and function of our independent Union. Patrick commented:-

"The distribution of so many leaflets bearing our Website will boost recruitment for Solidarity. It is part of a strategy to build a strong financial and member base. It will also help to raise awareness amongst the public to the fact that there is an alternative to the cronyism, corruption and confused internationalism of many established Unions."

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