03/02/2008 - Black and Decker Cuts Workforce

Black and Decker is the latest company to join the 'list of shame' of those cutting jobs here and moving them abroad. The Power-tool Company is looking at proposals to close operations at its Spennymoor factory with the loss of 169 jobs. Those working in manufacturing finance, sourcing and human resources will be affected.
The US Company's factory on the Green Lane Industrial Estate employs about 320 people. The plant once employed 2,300 people making 14 million tools a year. Three quarters of production has since moved abroad. Manufacturing has been moved to Eastern Europe and North America.
The Black and Decker announcement came in the same week that the first 45 of about 500 jobs went at Electrolux just down the road on the Merrington Lane Industrial Estate.
Solidarity General Secretary, Pat Harrington, commented: -
"This is part of a growing trend. Increasing numbers of our jobs are being sent abroad. If this is allowed to continue communities up and down our country will be blighted. Resolute action needs to be taken to ensure that British workers have secure, worthwhile employment. Establishment politicians and Union bosses tell us they are 'concerned' but do little else."