04/07/2017 - British state banned from buying into British railways!

bringbackbrIt is a bizarre situation when the only state that isn't allowed to buy into British railways is Britain! French, Italian, Chinese and Dutch state railways have all been shortlisted for the latest private rail franchises but the British state is still banned from bidding.


Partnerships involving the French state have been shortlisted for both the West Coast Partnership and the new South Eastern franchise.


Italian state railway Trenitalia is also bidding for both - on its own for South Eastern and in a joint venture with private transport giant FirstGroup for West Coast, which will run the initial High Speed 2 services from 2026.


Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: "I look forward to seeing the bidders’ innovative ideas to put passengers at the heart of the railway."


RMT leader Mick Cash gave a more accurate and forthright view: "This rotten minority government have learnt nothing.


"It is a scandal that the cheaper, more efficient public-sector option has been excluded from the bidding process for these two major rail franchises.


"This morning, the same old gang of chancers, rip-off merchants and overseas opportunists have been lined up for another invitation to jam their snouts in the trough at the British passenger’s expense."


The new West Coast Partnership will be responsible for both the existing West Coast main line and the development of High Speed 2.