28/05/2017 - Uber get temporary license amidst protests

Protest against Uber - Budapest 2016.01.18 2Uber has had its licence to operate in London renewed but only for 4 months,  TfL want more time to come to a decision as to whether to grant Uber the 5 year operators licence that it is seeking.

Both the GMB union and the Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association have been threatening seperate legal action if the renewed license doesn't stipulate various conditions to their satisfaction.

The GMB has already won a tribunal case against Uber last year, where a ruling against Uber stipulated that it’s drivers were not self-employed contractors but workers, giving them entitlement to national minimum wage and holiday pay. Uber has appealed against the ruling. The original case involved 19 Uber drivers. The GMB said a further 41 drivers have joined the claim.

A TfL spokesperson said: “Uber London Limited has been granted a four-month private hire operator licence. This will allow us to conclude our consideration of a five-year licence.”

Black-cab drivers condemned the move as a “coward’s decision”. Steve McNamara, general secretary of the LTDA, said: “Uber has still not answered questions that TfL asked months ago. We say they are either safe to licence or they’re not. You can’t be a little bit pregnant.

“We think that TfL’s reason for this temporary licence is unlawful. This is totally unprecedented.”