25/02/2017 - Night Tube Drivers Discriminated Against

londonundergroundWhen the night tube service opened Summer 2016, part time drivers were recruited. Unlike part- time station staff, those drivers have been barred from moving into full-time drivers jobs for the first 18 months.

Unions are concerned that full-time drivers vacancies will be filled with many years going by before night tube drivers have the chance to go full-time.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “It is outrageous that London Underground have decided to discriminate against their Night Tube drivers.

“This is a senseless and damaging policy that picks out one group of staff for negative treatment, and of course the drivers are angry and that is why we are balloting for action.

“RMT would call on London Underground to see sense, stop these stupid attacks on career progression and fair reward for overtime working and confirm that this discrimination against the Night Tube drivers has been lifted.”

London Underground operations director Peter McNaught said: “Night Tube services have been running since August last year in line with agreements reached with the unions.

“We invite [the unions] to meet with us to discuss any issues that need to be resolved and there is no need to threaten industrial action.”

Pat Harrington, General Secretary of Solidarity Trade Union commented: “Employees should have an equal opportunity to progress their career. Everyone loses, including employers, as employee morale is damaged because of the inevitable toxic atmosphere that discrimination causes. We fully support the battle that RMT & Aslef are fighting in defence of their members, that would no doubt also benefit London Underground and it’s customers.”

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