23/12/2016 - A Xmas message from the President of Solidarity

davidkerrOn behalf of the Executive Committee of Solidarity I want to wish all our members and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Christmas is a time for Solidarity members to take time away from the normal worries and concerns of everyday life and spend some time with families, friends and loved ones. Many will be able to do this as normal but this year Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, so many workers will find themselves under pressure to work on Boxing Day and the Tuesday Bank Holiday with little or no recompense. This is unnecessary and disgraceful.

Solidarity backs the campaign to keep Christmas and Boxing Day as proper holidays. Those workers in essential services who need to work on these days deserve proper compensation - double time and a day in lieu. Hard-pressed workers and families who are just about managing deserve a happy Christmas.

Solidarity will continue to defend workers’ rights in the coming year as the Tory government comes under pressure from vested interests in the Tory press to destroy what remains of the trade union movement. We welcome the vote for Brexit in the past year but will resist any attempt to use our country's withdrawal from the EU as an excuse to undermine the hard-fought rights of British workers.

David Kerr (Pictured), President