07/05/2016 - Tory anti-Union bill becomes law

tradeunionbillThe Trade Union Act became law last week.

The Bill was given royal assent after clearing its final hurdle in the Lords on Tuesday night.

There has been an eight-month battle to block the anti-Union law both in and outside Parliament. Though it is now law some of the most draconian measures have been watered down as a result of relentless campaigning.

The government has been forced into a review of electronic strike ballots that could help unions overcome the double strike threshold in "essential public services", a category that includes teachers, energy workers and border security, and imposes a turnout of 50% and then a “yes” vote of at least 40% of all eligible voters. The new opt-in system for unions’ political funds will now only be imposed on new members.The worst of the draconian rules on picketing have been dropped.

Despite the victories, TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said the Act posed “a serious threat to good industrial relations and is completely unnecessary.

“The history books will show that the government’s first major Act of this Parliament has been to attack the right to strike - a fundamental British liberty.”