11/07/2015 - Coal mining almost dead in Britain

Kellingley CollieryThe complete destruction of the coal mining industry in Britain is near. Another milestone was reached as Thoresby colliery in Nottinghamshire ceased production this week with the loss of more than 300 jobs.

Thoresby’s closure comes less than two weeks after the sudden shutdown of Hatfield colliery in South Yorkshire on June 30.

Loss of the two pits leaves just one deep coalmine in production in Britain, Kellingley in Yorkshire. But Kellingley will not last long — it will close by the end of the year.

National Union of Mineworkers general secretary Chris Kitchen said the final closures would mean the end of “a way of life.”
Mr Kitchen attacked successive governments for abandoning Britain’s coalmining industry.

Britain continues to import more than 50 million tons of coal a year from countries such as Colombia and Russia.

Mr Kitchen said the people of Britain would suffer as a result of the Tories’ “short-term, narrow-minded” wrecking of Britain’s coal mining industry which he described as a “continuation of Thatcher’s legacy to close the deep mined coal industry.”

Thorseby, Hatfield and Kellingley collieries will each abandon millions of tons of high-quality coal reserves which could have been burned through the Carbon Capture and Storage system (CCS).

Instead CCS will be used to burn coal from abroad.