29/06/2015 - Council leaders warn of impact of fresh Tory cuts

torycutsThe Tories are about to make fresh cuts to local services of £3.3 billion according to local government chiefs. Council leaders are warning that Libraries could close, bus services could be slashed and roads left to further fall into disrepair.

Leisure centres, bin collections and caring for the elderly in their homes could all be threatened if budgets are cut, the Local Government Association (LGA) fears.

The LGA says local authorities will need to slash 12% of costs in 2016-17 because of new cuts expected in the autumn.

But Local Government Minister Marcus Jones insisted: “These unsubstantiated and premature claims are based on funding decisions which have yet to be made let alone announced.”

Councils have faced 40% funding cuts since the Tories came to power in 2010.

LGA chairman David Sparks said: “There are no efficiencies left to be made for many councils while many now warn efficiencies alone will not be enough to cope with further funding cuts.

“Vital services, such as caring for the elderly, protecting children, collecting bins and filling potholes, will struggle to continue at current levels.”

Pat Harrington, general secretary of Solidarity, commented:

"We have seen the impact of cuts through the eyes of our members working in caring for the elderly in their homes and local council workers facing ever increasing difficulty in supplying important services. Further cuts would make it even more difficult to supply those services on which many folk rely. We oppose any further cuts to local services."