General Election 2015: The Green Party Manifesto

greenpartyThe Green Party manifesto for the May 2015 General Election includes tax changes to reduce inequality. It also promises a government investment programme to create around a million new jobs and training places across a wide range of economic sectors including jobs for carers, midwives, plumbers, builders, engineers and public transport workers.


The Greens say that a determined effort to prevent cuts to public services will result in swifter recovery from the recession, large-scale job-creation and long-term economic stability. The manifesto will spell out a package of savings from scrapping projects like Trident, ID cards and new road-building, as well as raising higher taxes on the highest incomes, to pay for the investment programme.

On Employment key proposals include:


• A "living wage" of £8.10 an hour would be introduced, compared with the current minimum wage of £5.80 an hour. This would be equivalent to 60% of net national average earnings
• An extra million jobs and training places would be created, for occupations such as carers, midwives, plumbers, builders, engineers and public transport workers
• Cuts to budgets and jobs in the public sector would be opposed, in an effort to accelerate the economic recovery
• The upper 50p rate of income tax would apply to all earnings over £100,000, rather than the current threshold of £150,000, with the extra revenue this generates going towards the creation of jobs
• A permanent tax would be introduced for all bonuses paid to bankers
• Efforts would begin to implement a 35-hour working week, to improve people's work-life balance and to help to share out jobs
• A greater emphasis on equality in the workplace, reducing the pay gap between men and women
• Periods of maternity and paternity leave for new parents would be extended


The Greens expect to field well over 300 candidates across the UK, the highest number ever, contesting around half of the seats.


Different versions of the Green Party Manifesto: For the Common Good can be found here.