General Election 2015: National Liberal Party Manifesto

nationalliberalmeetingThe National Liberal Party Manifesto was launched in front of nearly 100 guests – many of them young people – at a venue in outer North West London.

Both of the NLPs candidates attended. Sockalingam ‘Yogi’ Yogalingam will be standing in the constituency of Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner and Jagdeesh Singh is standing in Southall, West London. Other members of the NLPs National Council were also in attendance.

Though the main thrust of the Manifesto centres around the universal principle of Self-Determination it has quite a bit to say on Employment rights with specific policy proposals.

Key points include:

  • Matching the minimum wage to the higher Living Wage amount
  • Restrictions on the use of zero hour contracts
  • Protection of Union rights
  • Restoration of Employment Rights to the 2010 level

On welfare the National Liberal Party proposes:

  • An end to the bedroom tax
  • An end to benefit sanctions
  • Index linking of Pensions and Benefits

The full National Liberal Party manifesto can be read here.