21/04/2015 - General Election 2015: Communist manifesto launched

Logo of the Communist Party of Britain.svgThe Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths will launch a manifesto today, claiming that only the Communist Party is calling in this election for sweeping measures to tax the rich.

He accused the main Westminster parties of colluding with Britain’s tax avoidance industry to deprive the Treasury of tens of billions of pounds each year.

“The other party leaders can repeat their promises to clamp down on the tax dodgers until flying pigs come home, but they refuse to abolish the tax haven status of 28 British overseas territories and dependencies, from Jersey and the Isle of Man to Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands,” Mr Griffiths declared.

The Communist Party leader is standing in the Parliamentary Constituency of Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney. He has proposed a “Tobin-type tax” on financial transactions in the City and a “modest” 2 per cent wealth tax on the richest 10th of the population.

Mr Griffiths claims that these measures alone would eliminate Britain’s financial deficit and show that austerity measures are really the “shoddy pretext for slashing and privatising public services for the sake of big business profits.”

The Communist candidate in Newcastle East, Mollie Stevenson, has demanded the renationalisation of gas, electricity and the railways.

She said that privatisation had been a “rip-off of criminal proportions which has robbed Britain,” warning that private finance initiative payments threatened to bankrupt a growing number of NHS hospital trusts over the next five years.

One of the youngest candidates at the general election Laura Jane Rossington demanded an end to minimum wage “discrimination” against young workers. The 18-year-old candidate in Plymouth Sutton and Devonport also called for real equality for women in pay, promotion and pensions.

Ben Stevenson, who is standing in Croydon North, highlighted the Communist Party’s proposal for a “federal Britain,” with extensive economic, financial and law-making powers for Scotland, Wales and the regions of England.

“All three nations would benefit from Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and Nato, enabling us to pursue domestic, foreign and non-nuclear defence policies free from pro-big business diktat and aggressive foreign wars,” he insisted.

Pat Harrington, general secretary of Solidarity, commented: "As a Union we don't tell our members and supporters who to vote for. We are highlighting in our coverage any Party or Candidate that campaigns on certain issues, however. We think that renationalisation, tax avoidance, cuts in public services and employment rights (to name only a few issues) need to be at the centre of the political debate. We don't care if it is the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition, the British National Party or the Communist Party of Britain, if you speak out on these vital issues we will give you coverage."