06/01/2015 - Campaigners urge rail renationalisation

britishrailpromoCampaigners targeted 30 railway stations across Britain yesterday demanding that services be taken back into public ownership.

The demonstrations were organised by the trade union-backed campaign for renationalisation of the railways Action for Rail (AfR) and supported by community campaign groups — and many passengers.

Green MP Caroline Lucas joined demonstrators at Brighton station, which is in her constituency. She is promoting a private members’ Bill in Parliament calling for rail renationalisation. Its second reading is due on Friday.

“Privatisation has led to unprecedented fragmentation of the railway which is not delivering the best deal for passengers,” she said.

Ms Lucas said the Rebuilding Rail report published by Transport for Quality of Life had estimated that about £1.2 billion is lost each year as a result of the network’s break-up and privatisation.

She added: “This is money which could, and should, be reinvested to improve our services and reduce fares.”

Pat Harrington of Solidarity Union commented: "We support all those who want to see our rail network renationalised. There is a growing concensus that this needs to happen which includes everyone from the Greens to the British National Party."