04/12/2014 - Autumn statement: More Cuts on the way

cutsServices already cut by one third face cuts of another third and cuts of this order for law enforcement, armed forces, social and community services and public sector pay are not remotely realistic says the GMB Union.

The Chancellor said in the Autumn statement that the coming years will require "very substantial savings in public spending" and a new Charter for Budget Responsibility will be published next week, with a House of Commons vote in the new year, to reinforce the commitment to deliver them. He added that public sector pay 'restraint' would be needed in the next Parliament to deliver savings "commensurate" with the £12 billion achieved over the past four years.

Brian Strutton, GMB National Secretary for public services, said:

"Osborne’s forecasts on the deficit reduction have been dismal and his latest forecasts will be no different. Downgrading growth forecasts and downgrading tax rates add up to very deep cuts reducing public spending to the lowest proportion of GDP for 80 years.

The OBR (Office for Budget Responsibility) say we are only 40% along the way with a further 60% of cuts still to be implemented to fill the cavernous fiscal hole. The public service spending cuts that have already happened have had a traumatic effect on elderly care, children's services and other basic support for our communities.

The services that have already been cut by one third face cuts of another third. Cuts in expenditure of this order for law enforcement, armed forces, social and community services and public sector pay are not remotely realistic.

Supporting further cuts is to condone more failures in services to the most vulnerable and needy in society and to undo the glue of a civilised society.

GMB demands that the Chancellor come clean now and tell the British public exactly what services he would cut."

Unison general secretary Dave Prentis joined the attack.

He asked: "The government has been boasting about a rise in the number of people in work, but at what cost?"

"If workers are not feeling the benefits of the so-called recovery then who is? Bankers, and those on already huge salaries? Making the rich richer by all means necessary - that's what this government stands for."

And he highlighted hard-up NHS workers still bearing the brunt of spending curbs.

"A 1 per cent pay rise for all is what the government is denying them," he said.

Solidarity general secretary Pat Harrington commented:

"The government is refusing to reveal what would be cut if the Tories win the next election. The cuts will remain a nasty post-election shock.Mr Osborne did admit, however,t that more pay cuts for public-sector workers will be in his red box if the Tories retain power. So cuts in services and pay for public service workers is the Tory promise. Don't say you weren't warned!"