15/09/2014 - Unions blast contract award for blacklisters

blacklistThe GMB and Solidarity Unions have blasted Scottish National Party (SNP) and Tory councillors in Dundee for awarding a contract to a firm that has failed to compensate aggrieved workers.

A contract to build a major new museum has been awarded to BAM Construction, which blacklisted 582 workers in Scotland, including 21 from Dundee.

After Labour councillor Richard McCready moved that BAM should not be awarded the contract, SNP members voted with theTories in favour of the blacklisting building firm.

Patrick Harrington, of the Solidarity Union accused the SNP of hypocrisy saying: "Recent guidance from Scotland’s SNP government says blacklisters should be excluded from public contracts until they had demonstrated appropriate “remedial action.” Yet the SNP have voted to award a major contract to this blacklister."

GMB Scotland secretary Harry Donaldson said: “Public money should not go to companies like BAM that have engaged in blacklisting till they have purged their guilt."