05/07/2014 - Disposable income increases under ConDems!

mindthegapGood news! Household disposable income has increased according to figures just published by the Office for National Statistics. Well, they have for the richest fifth of households. For everyone else it fell.

Commenting on the figures, Pat Harrington the general secretary of the Solidarity Union said:

"The widening gap between rich and poor should worry anyone concerned about the stability of our country and the lives of our people. Clearly that does not include the ConDem government currently misruling us."

According to the ONS, the household disposable income of the richest fifth households grew by £940 between 2011/12 and 2012/13, while the disposable income of all the other groups fell by around £250, with the poorest households experiencing the sharpest fall of £381.

The richest fifth households now earn more than £30,000 more than the average household.