28/03/2014 - Teachers Strike against bully Gove

ConDem Education Secretary Michael Gove unites people from across the political spectrum - everyone thinks he is a bully and a disaster! He has persecuted teachers on account of their political views but his normal day-to-day job is destroying our education system.

Tens of thousands turned out on Wednesday at more than 30 rallies organised by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) across England and Wales.

They have had enough of being bullied into working longer for less and have launched their first national strike since the ConDem coalition took power. They have had enough of Michael Gove's attacks on their pay, pension and profession.

Gove told unions in a letter this week that teachers must work until they're 68, see national pay rates ripped up and be handed extra administrative work.

NUT leader Christine Blower said: "When members tell us they love teaching but are crushed by long hours and stifling accountability regime that they simply can't stay in teaching.

"We know then that we have to stand up for education."

Pat Harrington, general secretary of Solidarity, commented: "When people call Gove a bully I believe them. I have watched the way he has bullied teachers who hold political views he doesn't like including members of UKIP and the BNP (although who knows where the list will end). I speak with teachers who uniformly hate him, not dislike - hate. He is driving good teachers out of teaching but he doesn't seem to care. The ConDem coalition is ruining all of our public services and education is no exception. The teachers are right to strike and we must support them."

Watch the protest here.