12/03/2014 - Unions urge letter bomb mailers to "think again"

royal mailUnions have urged those behind attempted letter bomb attacks in Northern Ireland to "think again".

Two letter bombs have been found at separate delivery offices in Northern Ireland.

The first letter bomb was intercepted after being discovered and identified as suspicious by a postal worker in the Londonderry Delivery Office on Thursday. Police cordoned off an area around Lisburn Delivery Office on Thursday morning after a second suspicious package sparked a security alert.

The packages were addressed to the high security Maghaberry prison in Lisburn Co Antrim. Both devices are subject to further forensic examination.

CWU health and safety officer Dave Joyce said: “The postal workers who spotted this devices should be applauded. These incidents are worrying. We utterly condemn the sending of letter bombs through the post which threaten our members safety.

“We would sincerely urge those with grievances behind these campaigns to think again. These acts expose completely innocent postal workers and the wider community.”

Pat Harrington, General Secretary of Solidarity, commented:

"It's often workers who are caught up in these bombing campaigns whether cleaners or posties. Often those pursuing political objectives through the use of weapons are reckless. What does that say about them? To me it says they don't care about ordinary people and are content to put them in the line of fire. If they have any shred of decency they should listen to the Unions and stop now."