19/02/2014 - Wolverhampton Council to slash 2,000 jobs

Wolverhampton Council announced plans to slash 2,000 jobs yesterday, blaming the the Con-Dem government's "savage cuts."

With the worst still to come, the job cuts will hit 20 per cent of the council's workforce.

By 2016 the council will have lost a massive £147 million in central government funding.

The council had previously planned to cut 1,400 jobs but had to increase the figure after belatedly 'realising' it needed to achieve "savings" of £123m rather than £98m as it had thought.

Patrick Harrington, General Secretary of Solidarity, commented:

"Even those who keep their jobs can expect a pay freeze and an increased workload. The ConDem coalition and the Labour-run council are both to blame. The ConDems are slashing the budget and the Council seem incompetent. Not only are the Council cutting jobs and services but they plan to raise council tax by 2 per cent".