13/02/2014 - Tories Threaten Trade Union Rights

The Tories are threatening to curb workers’ and trade union rights further. Prime Minister Cameron has called for an inquiry to look into stricter anti-union laws. He has used the Grangemouth dispute as a justification.

The PM has whined that the Unite union subjected billionaire boss Jim Ratcliffe to "intimidation" and "harassment".

Mr Ratcliffe held Britain to ransom by insisting he would shut the oil refinery unless 900 workers accepted wage cuts before retreating to his £125,000,000 yacht in the Mediterranean. Yet the Union has been portrayed as the bad guy for opposing sackings, cuts in wages and pension reductions.

Mr Cameron also threatened last week to ban future Tube strikes outright and Tory Mayor Boris Johnson said no strike should be legal without the support of 50 per cent of union members.

The curbs will be among anti-union pledges in the next Tory general election manifesto.

At a recent rally RMT president Peter Pinkney pointed out the hypocrisy of Mr Johnson's attacks after he was elected on a lower turnout!

John Hendy QC also told the rally:

"Collective bargaining without the right to strike is no more than collective begging".

Patrick Harrington, General Secretary of Solidarity, commented:

“The Tories are trying to undermine the ability of Unions to fight for the interests of their members. This at a time when ordinary people are forced to pay for the greed of bankers and their political allies. Increasing percentages needed to call strikes is just a means to make it more difficult to call them. In typical establishment fashion they will not come out and take away a right they just aim to make it near impossible to exercise it! We must join with our brothers and sisters in other Unions to resist these laws.”