07/01/2014 - Tube cuts safety fears

260 London Tube ticket offices are under threat.

Mayor Boris Johnson's plan is to axe 950 front-line workers in November. This represents a U-turn on his 2008 election pledge to keep open every ticket office. Many have questioned the effect on safety and security of fewer staff.

The RMT, which represents most of the station staff who would be affected, has said it would "fight these plans with every tool at our disposal and that includes political, public and industrial campaigning on an unprecedented scale".

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said the "proposed cuts will decimate staffing levels and hit the most vulnerable users" of Tube services.

He said: "The mayor must believe he is some sort of magician if he thinks he can slash a thousand jobs and still run safe services when everyone knows that staffing has already been cut to the bone while passenger demand continues to rise."

Pat Harrington of Solidarity commented “London Underground boss Phil Hufton claims that: ‘more staff will be visible in our ticket halls’ but hasn’t explained how that could happen with nearly 1,000 fewer workers. Perhaps he will be using cardboard cut-outs? Everyone should oppose these cuts.”