07/06/2013 - Overreliance on Service Jobs condemned

Solidarity has called for action to rebuild manufacturing in Britain after new figures exposed an overreliance on service jobs.

Eight in every 10 people across England and Wales are now employed in the service sector, according to a Office for National Statistics analysis of census figures.

The landmark study, which tracks employment trends over the last 170 years, shows service roles have replaced manufacturing jobs at a rapid rate since 1961.

Manufacturing provided almost 40 per cent of employment in the decade prior to 1961 but that figure has now plummeted to just 9 per cent.

Pat Harrington, General Secretary of Solidarity, said: "The study is further proof of the decline of our manufacturing base. I believe that the key to rebuilding this is for the State to do far more encourage the research links between academic institutions and British companies and for the development of regional industrial strategies."