22/05/2013 - Londoner in need of representation at work?

London is not only the capital of the UK, it employs over 5 million people. Whether employed in the City or throughout its Borough's workers rely upon the London economy to keep them in work.
However, the 'double-dip' recession has led to a number of job losses even in London and because the economy has not yet recovered further job losses are likely. Some companies, especially individual managers, reluctant or unable to make workers redundant will use other tactics to dismiss. A bogus disciplinary or an attempt to bully someone into resigning are becoming more typical.
If you find yourself a victim of such tactics you will need help to fight back! At any disciplinary or, if you wish to put up a stop to bullying, grievance meeting, the only external person that can accompany you will be a trade union representative.
Understandably, trade unions will not help non-members or new ones, in general, for three months after they join.
In contrast, Solidarity trade union runs a special nationwide service for non-members. If a worker in trouble joins Solidarity they will can get quality advice but also, for the payment of a modest fee, physical representation (see here for more details). 

If you need help at work then turn to Solidarity trade union!
How to Join
Solidarity trade union is proud to have helped workers, from all backgrounds, and from all types of workplaces, to obtain fairness and respect.Our Union will help even more employees as we grow. If you find yourself in trouble at work join Solidarity trade Union online.
Alternatively, they can send a cheque for £96 for annual membership to or request a Standing Order Mandate form (£8 per month) from Solidarity Union, by post to Room 407, 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1DD or by e-mail [email protected]. Then contact the union for advice as to what to do next. Just telephone Graham Williamson on 07970455445 and we can start to help.