28/04/2013 - May Day is our Day!


May Day is a special date in the workers calender. It is a day that organised labour can mark its achievements and goals. In the UK there is a long history of struggle over workers rights and working conditions. It took at least a hundred years of union and political action to achieve the basic rights we have today.

Yet the present ConDem Government is threatening to unravel all the years of toil by stripping away employee rights. They have removed the protection of unfair dismissal for workers with under two years service, reduced the notice period for redundancies, will be introducing tribunal fees, limit compensations, and allow companies to 'pay-off' workers whether they like it or not. Now we hear the Government is talking about lowering the minimum wage (as if that were not low enough) and 'reviewing' the Health and Safety Executive!

On this years May Day (1st), a Wednesday, we would like our members to hand out our new '5 reasons to join a Union' leaflet in their high street or post them door-to-door.  Take a picture of your activity and send via e-mail to us. Let's mark May Day by promoting Union membership and the message that workers need fair conditions and protection from exploitation.