28/04/2013 - Could we combine May Day and St. George's Day as a holiday?

It was always odd that St. George’s Day was frowned upon by some politicians who objected to the English having a special day. Havering Council and Barking & Dagenham Council marked St. George’s Day this year with events in Romford Market and Valence Park on Saturday April 20. Many other Councils, around England, are now starting to respond to public opinion with ceremonies and events. It seems that officialdom is now becoming more comfortable about recognising St. George's Day although it still has a long way to go to be as big as St. Patrick's Day!
On April 23) and I many people marked this day in England by flying the flag, whether from their house, car or lapel.
In recognition of this special day some campaigners believe St. George’s Day should be made a public holiday. I certainly agree with the sentiment, but the problem is it clashes with the Easter and May Day Bank Holidays. Perhaps the solution is to combine St. George’s Day and May Day to create a St. George’s & May Day Bank Holiday for England?
At present the May Day Bank Holiday only falls on Monday May 1 once every seven years. This year it will be held on May 6. If a St. George’s Day Bank Holiday was introduced, it too would only fall on an April 23 (the actual day) once every seven years – and this year many events marking the day were held early on Saturday 20. If the two were combined the Bank Holiday could be held on the last Monday in April.
Solidarity member Cllr David Durant believes that this would give St. George’s Day the recognition it deserves, without losing May Bank Holiday. What do others think?