08/03/3013 - Flemish Union addresses Solidarity Conference

The Solidarity Annual Conference was held in Central London on 2 March, 2013. Delegates were pleased to welcome Rob Verreycken from our Sister Union, the 'Vlaamse Solidaire Vakbond' or Flemish Solidarity Union . Here is the text of his speech.


Dear friends,
I am honoured by the friendly invitation of Solidarity Trade Union and it's General Secretary,  Mr Harrington, to attend your meeting in London today and to share with you some words about our union in Flanders, the 'Vlaamse Solidaire Vakbond' or Flemish Solidarity Union. In fact, Solidarity is the mother organisation, while our VSV is your daughter organisation, so we are not really having a political meeting here, but more like a family reunion.
The roots of our Union go back to 2004.
In that year, the Flemish Nationalist party Vlaams Belang received 24% of the votes in Flanders, our biggest success ever ! and the reason for that was the Belgian authorities who, in a completely anti-democratic manner, had banned the earlier party Vlaams Blok. In Belgium, a majority of 6 million Flemings in the north speak Dutch, while a minority of 4 million Walloons in the south, speak French. Rightfully the Flemish voters consider the ban on Vlaams Blok as evidence that the French-speaking minority dominate politics in Belgium and in an unacceptable manner. That is why Flemings massively voted for Vlaams Belang.
The three Belgian traditional families of Christian Democrats, Socialists and Liberals were really shocked by our success, and declared further war on the Flemish Nationalists. Each one of these three 'families' has it's own union and have in Belgium a state-supported monopoly. They are the only ones who can propose candidates to become union representatives in social elections in companies, and they are the only ones who can hand out unemployment benefit.
These three monopolies decided that every Fleming, who was a candidate in the election lists of Vlaams Belang, would be expelled as a trade union member. Hundreds of Nationalists where targeted, suffering serious problems in their workplace. This is political racism !
As Nationalists we know how it goes. If Putin in Russia raises a finger against someone in the opposition, he is slammed by European media and politicians as a crook and a dictator, but if a Nationalist is the victim of brutal oppression and discrimination in our countries, the political class and journalist elite turn a blind eye - I fear it is no better in Britain than in Flanders.
I am a lawyer by profession and for over a decade has worked for the judicial service of Vlaams Belang. We began all kind of judicial procedures to stop this outrage. But after 5 years it became clear that in Belgium no judge dare confront the almighty power of the three traditional trade unions.
So we decided that it was time for change, and the only solution was the start of a new Union, the VSV. Of course, we received the support of the Vlaams Belang and are happy with that, but we decided our Nationalist Union should be independent from any party.
So at this point, we have a board that contains members of Vlaams Belang, members of the Flemish Nationalists party NVA, and members who have chosen not to be active in any political party. Our Union is small, but growing rapidly.
We have an organised working board, with some 15 members, and from this year on, we are selling membership cards. During 2013 we hope to have grown by around 300 paying members, and project to have grown to 500 members in the coming year. One of our major targets is to launch a judicial attack on the monopoly of the three traditional Unions in Belgium, and this is why we contacted Solidarity Trade Union.
I was very happy, and it was a huge moral boost for us, that your organisation was willing to recognize us as it's offical Flemish branch.
We have launched a judicial procedure in Belgium to demand that we, as part of Solidarity, a union officially recognised under British law, be allowed to deliver the services that any traditional trade union can deliver. Although we expect nothing from the Belgian courts we are prepared to go to the European Court of Justice in Luxemburg, to demand equal treatment under EU-law.
I really think our case has a good chance there. And let me make it clear. I do not like the EU and I do not like the laws it imposes on us, but in a situation where I can help the Nationalist cause using it, and strike a blow to the three traditional unions that are selling my country to mass immigration and economic globalisation, I will most certainly use it for our good cause !
This brings us to our current socio-economical situation, the core business of any trade union.
In Belgium, the position of the common working white Fleming is very difficult. For every 100 Euro a Fleming earns by hard work, he has to pay 55 euro on taxes. Every year, the Flemish have to pay 12 billion euros to the Walloons in the south, who vote for socialism and therefore have a government that is way too big and expensive. Every year, the Flemish pay millions of euros for the cost of mass immigration. Millions of immigrants from Northern Africa, are flooding our cities.
In Brussels, muslims will soon be a majority - a situation that seems to me not so much different from the one in London. Every year, the Flemish pay millions of euros to the EU, who undermine our national sovereignty and is destroying our economy.
They promised us more wealth with their euro, and what we have recieved is Greek and Spanish irresponsible spending, towering debts, banks going mad, and an economic crisis with more taxes to be payed by the common working man. Thank God the British had the wisdom to stay away from the euro - I can only say congratulations, and I hope you soon get your referendum, so you can leave this EU for good !
In the region where I live textile was the biggest industry, dateing back to medieval times when the wool of English sheep was sent to Flanders to be transformed into the best textile of Europe. Today, all textile industry is bankrupt.
The free trade policy of the EU has flooded us with cheap inferior textiles from China, produced in labour camps where political dissidents are forced and tortured to work themselves to death. The same goes for our building industry that is flooded by underpayed labour from Romania and Bulgaria. The same goes for our road transport, where drivers from Poland and the Baltic states drive 12 hours a day. This is the socialist and liberal freedom of labour, freedom of enterprise in the EU, this is their Schengenzone without borders in action.
Well, a famous British woman once said "we want our money back", the VSV as a Nationalist Trade Union says: we want our land back, we want our borders back, we want our jobs back !