17/02/2013 - Union Representation

Most trade unions will not help non-members or existing ones in their first three months. This is understandable, after all existing members have already being paying into their 'insurance fund' for when they need help. They may not take kindly to non-members benefiting from the unions help!
Solicitors are not, except arguably in exceptional professional cases, allowed into workplace disciplinary or grievance meetings. Basically, the choices are to go alone, to take a work colleague in or to take a Union Rep in with you. The first choice is unwise as you may well need a witness to what has been said and are often too emotionally involved to put the best case forward. The second choice relies on you having a colleague who will not be pressured by management, will keep a confidence and is able to support you. For these reasons it is usually your best option to be represented by a Trade Union official.
Here is what one worker wrote to us last week:

"I just wanted to write a quick e-mail to thank you once again for your help at my disciplinary hearing. I know that had you not been there with your knowledge and expertise, I would more than likely have had some kind of warning or even dismissal. I was delighted with the outcome and have since gave out some of your cards to friends, family and colleagues to join the union as I would highly recommend Solidarity to them."

Solidarity trade union offers employees in trouble, who are not members of a union, a special service. If they find themselves in trouble at work, whether facing a disciplinary or poor working conditions, they can turn to Solidarity for help.

If they join Solidarity they will can get advice but also, for the payment of a modest fee, physical representation.

In times of trouble the only union that can assist, is the Solidarity union!

How to Join

Solidarity union is proud to have helped workers, from all backgrounds, services and industries to obtain fairness at work. The Union will continue to help more employees as they grow. Join Solidarity Union here.

Alternatively, you can send a cheque for £96 for annual membership to or request a Standing Order Mandate form (£8 per month) from Solidarity Union, by post to Room 407, 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1DD or by e-mail [email protected] Then contact the union for advice as to what to do next at [email protected] and we can start to help.
Of course, if you don't have a current problem at work but want the insurance that belonging to a Union brings you should join now and after a short probationary period Union services will be available to you for your membership fee of just £8 per month!