08/02/2013 - Save HMV!

OUR ARTICLE of January 14 - 4,000 British jobs at risk at HMV – warned about the terrible situation faced by workers at HMV.

At the time of writing, directors were ”locked in talks about the retailer’s future amid growing concern that it could become the latest big-name high street chain to succumb to the flat-lining British economy.”

Many workers didn’t know if they would keep their jobs or not.  If a suitable buyer couldn’t be found, hundreds would be thrown onto the dole.

Sadly, and according to recent media reports, 66 HMV shops will now be closed.  This’ll mean that around 1000 workers (about 25% of the total HMV workforce) will be out of work.

England faces the biggest cut, followed by Scotland, Ulster and Wales.

Speaking about this latest development, David Kerr – President of Solidarity Trade Union – said:

“I feel that this is both social and economic madness.  I can’t see any sense in allowing the likes of HMV to close, throwing thousands of workers onto the scrapheap.  Those unfortunate to live in an economic blackspot may never find a job again.  They’ll be consigned to a life on the dole.”

Belfast-based David noted that nine HMV stores would be closing in Ulster.  These include Ballymena, Coleraine, Craigavon, Lisburn, Londonderry, Newry and Newtownabbey.  Belfast itself will be particularly hit hard – as two stores (one on Boucher Road the other in the Forestside Shopping Centre in South Belfast) will close.

Mr. Kerr drew attention to issue 1 of the Solidarity publication English Worker, which, in cases like this called for immediate government action. 

He said: 

“I believe that Cameron and Clegg should step in and nationalise larger concerns that have got into financial difficulties.  This would have the immediate effect of stabilising the situation – jobs will be saved and businesses will be kept afloat.  

Once better trading conditions have returned, these businesses should be handed back to the workforce so that they can be run as cooperatives.  This means that those who work in any business will also own it. 

In a case like HMV, surely this is better than having thousands of willing workers rotting on the dole?”