19/08/2012 - Propaganda attack from Tories

The ConDem Coalition have steadily eroded the hard earned rights of British workers. They have made it easier for employers to dismiss their workforce. They also intend to make it harder for them to seek justice when this is unfair.

To add insult to injury Tory MPs (part of the Free Enterprise Group) are about to publish attacks on British workers in a book titled  'Britannia Unchained'.  Five members of Parliament (Kwasi Kwarteng, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab, Chris Skidmore and Elizabeth Truss) promote the theme that British people are too lazy compared to workers in third world countries.


These apologists for globalisation say that we should be emulating workers in Asia! This is a British workforce that has one of lowest number of public holidays in Europe (8), opted out of the EU Working Time Directive that restricted weekly hours to 48, and  has a pensionable age set to rise. It is interesting that these MPs compare the British worker to Asia rather than our European neighbours. Do they really expect a developed and educated population to turn the clock back and go backwards to an age of long hours and low pay?

Workers in the UK were told many years ago that we had to sacrifice our manufacturing industry (and many jobs with it) because technology could do it better. Ultimately it would improve our quality of life and we could have greater leisure time, or so we were told. Where are these benefits?

To use the excuse that our workers are lazy (when compared to much of Europe we are the opposite) in order to pave the way for more attacks on our is despicable. The establishment are also using the recession (created by the banks) as a cover to introduce anti-employee rights measures.

Solidarity Executive member David Kerr said: “Propaganda like ‘Britannia Unchained’ is an attempt to prepare public consciousness to accept the loss of hard won rights. We must expose their lies and fight for our rights.”