19/07/2012 - Remploy cuts consign 1,518 disabled people to the scrapheap

CON-DEM GOVERNMENT cutbacks are affecting the most vulnerable in society badly and if we needed any proof of this it came last week with the confirmation that 36 Remploy factories are to close with 1,518 disabled workers losing their jobs.

Remploy was established in 1945 to provide employment and support for disabled people and resulted from the Disabled Persons (Employment) Act of 1944 which was a part of the founding of the modern welfare state.  A network of factories was opened around the country.

In March the Government announced the closure of 54 Remploy plants but after an outcry across the country and action by trade unions, this figure was reduced to 36.  Members of the GMB and Unite at Remploy have voted to stage two 24 hour strikes over the next few weeks in protest at the closures.

One of the plants set for closure is in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire and the local MP Frank Roy is quoted in the Hamilton Advertiser of July 12 2012 as saying:

“There has been a Remploy factory in my constituency for 50 years and the workers have been treated with complete contempt by this Government.

“This is a blow to the disabled workers in my constituency who are being flung to the wolves by this government. These workers don’t want to go on the dole they want to go to work, but this disgrace of a government is shirking their responsibility to these hard working people.”

Solidarity wholeheartedly agrees with Mr Roy’s comments and adds it voice to the calls to retain the Remploy plants earmarked for closure.  Why should hard-working people who have done nothing wrong lose government support while the banksters, whose criminality is revealed even further on a daily basis, continue to be propped-up with public funds?