01/07/2012 - Double standards from establishment Trade Unions

A PAY RISE accepted by a trade union leader seems to sum up all that is wrong with the establishment trade unions.

Christine Blower is the General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers (NUT).  She has just pocketed a 10 per-cent increase – bringing her total compensation package to £140,000.  This is set against the 2.3% pay rise that many teachers ‘enjoyed’ last year.

As a trade union, Solidarity is in the business of trying to secure better wages for our members – not to mention the best terms and conditions of employment as well.

However,  Solidarity regard Christine Blower’s actions in accepting this massive pay award as being hypocritical in the extreme. 

Since the election of the Con-Dem Government, the wider trade union movement has correctly pointed out that it’s a Government of hypocrites.  After all, how else could you describe the millionaires Cameron and Clegg claiming (in relation to their Austerity agenda) that “we’re all in this together”?

But the money that the NUT leader has accepted undermines this argument. It tells workers that she is no better than Cameron and Clegg.

With this in mind, Solidarity Trade Union would like to confirm that none of its paid officials will ever receive more than the average working wage for the job they perform.  In addition, if any member of Solidarity trade Union gets elected to any public position, they will be expected to put any excess of wages and expenses towards charities or good causes. This is a policy that we call on all those with the good of our people at heart to follow.

As we note in our section Purpose of Solidarity (for further details click here: this is essential if we wish “our representatives to stay in touch with the ordinary worker and their concerns.”