25/04/2012 - Solidarity Union membership: the best value around

Membership costs vary between unions. Most members pay monthly. Most cost between £10-£20 a month. For low paid workers Union dues can be a significant deduction from their pay packet. It is not surprising then that union take-up in traditionally low paid sectors such as security, cleaning, catering and in 'non-unionised' small businesses is low. In fact a many union members only first signed up when they joined their firm as it was already unionised and it was 'expected' of them.


Figures show that the percentage who join Unions independently whilst working in a non-unionised firm is low. Joining a union doesn't seem to come naturally to many. Perhaps because they don’t understand the function of and services offered by a Union. So what does a union member get for their money?

Belonging to a trade union can bring valuable support if the worker experiences problems related to work, say over pay, rotas, holidays, discrimination, working conditions, grievances and disciplinaries.

Also, at present, the economic downturn has led to a number of firms looking to 'downsize' their workforce without going through complicated and costly redundancy procedures. They are turning, even sometimes even manufacturing, minor incidents at work so they can dismiss 'surplus' labour!

Clearly it does pay to be in a union when in need. However all these issues only become important when the worker is actually experiencing problems getting his/her rights so many don't think of joining beforehand. Trade unions traditionally refuse to assist a worker in the first three months of their membership so joining at the point of issue is simply too late! Or is it?


Only one trade union will support a worker who has not already joined. Only one trade union offers a membership fee under £10 (actually the cheapest on offer). That union is the Solidarity Trade Union.

Joining a Trade union is an insurance policy for the near future. Indeed firms usually pick on workers who are not in a union as it is simply easier to do so! Joining today will be cheaper than leaving it until there is a problem and will give workers peace of mind.

Solidarity are urging all workers to protect themselves from the coming storm of dismissals by joining them at an affordable price. It is especially attractive to low paid workers who already make up a large proportion of its existing members.

E-mail [email protected] for an application and Standing Order form (just £8 a month for Union protection) or join online.