22/04/2012 - Giving It All Away!

PAT HARRINGTON – the General Secretary of Solidarity Trade Union – has attacked George Osbourne’s recent decision to give another £10billion to the International Monetary Fund.  This is on top of the £30billion already committed.

He said:

“I was almost lost for words when I heard that Osbourne - the Con-Dem Government Chancellor – had suddenly ‘found’ an extra £10 billion. 

I’m not opposed to helping struggling countries.  However, I find it rather ironic that various British governments can never find money to help out ordinary British working families. 

The government can always find money to wage war in some far-flung corner of the world.  For instance, how much have we wasted supporting US military adventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya?

It seems they can also always find money to bail out the bankers and help the ‘fat cats’.  Now it appears they can produce ‘loads of money’ out of thin air to give to the IMF.”

As Trade Unionists, we’re in the business of helping our members with ‘bread and butter’ issues like terms and conditions of employment, wages, health and safety and so on. 

Solidarity fights for the rights of its members in particular and for British workers in general.  That’s why we’re always calling for more (and improved) jobs and services.  For instance, we’d like to see more schools, hospitals, libraries and leisure centres. It seems that this ConDem government wants to see fewer!


We are angry when we hear Cameron and Clegg saying that ‘there’s no money’ for public services.  Whilst we’re having to ‘tighten our belts’ and cut back on spending – even on essential items - Osbourne can come up with £10 billion, just like that!