14/03/2012 - Turn to Solidarity for Union help

Do you need Union representation? Where do you turn? Solidarity!


The recession is leading to growing unemployment (in excess of 2.5 million) and 'underemployment' (working part-time). Rather than relying on expensive and complicated redundancy programs some unscrupulous employers are misusing disciplinary action and performance improvement procedures to shed staff.


If you have under one year's service (soon to go up to two years thanks to a Corporate dominated government) a worker cannot claim unfair dismissal. Even those with some basic protections face disciplinary action if the employer believes they can get away with a dismissal 'cost-free'. Left on their own most workers would be unable to effectively argue their case, use legal argument or take it any further if they are actually dismissed.


A solicitor isn't allowed into internal company disciplinary or grievance meetings. A Trade Union Rep has the right to attend. Establishment trade unions won't help non-members or even existing members with less than three months service. In times of trouble them who can they turn too? Solidarity union!




Solidarity Union can and will help workers in need! If they join the union they will be offered appropriate advice. If they need representation the union can provide it if they pay for specific representation (which like the union's fees is very inexpensive).




Solidarity union is proud to have helped workers, from whatever background, from whatever industry, to obtain justice. We shall continue to help more as we grow. If you find yourself in trouble at work join Solidarity Union online by clicking on the link below:


Become a Solidarity member for just £8 a month



Alternatively, send a cheque for £96 for annual membership to or request a Standing Order Mandate form (£8 per month) from Solidarity Union, Room 407, 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1DD or e-mail [email protected]

Ring Graham Williamson on 07970 455445 and we can start to help.