03/03/2012 - Issue 6 of British Worker now out!

BRITAIN’S only nationalist and anti-communist trade union has produced yet another issue of the union’s main agitprop paper, British Worker.
As we’ve previously noted (1) issue 6 looks at the number of well-known high street names (2) which have recently gone into administration.  This has particularly hit retail workers - many of whom are young, female and poorly paid – hard.  
Whilst the government hasn’t lifted a finger to help these retail workers out, it can always find money for wars, the EU gravy-train or to bailout the bankers.  However, “they can never find money to help ordinary working families.”

British Worker notes that:
“Instead of throwing workers onto the dole – perhaps never to find a meaningful job again - wouldn’t it be better to nationalise large companies that go into administration?  Jobs will be saved – and a wage will still be coming in.  Terms and conditions of employment would be guaranteed.  These companies can then later be run as one - or several - co-operatives once trading conditions improve.”

And it concludes:
“Once again we ask why is it that Cameron and Clegg can always find money to wage wars, prop up the EU and bail out the bankers?  And why is it that they can never find money to help ordinary working families?  Never mind the fat cats - what about the workers?”

All Solidarity members and supporters are asked to help build the circulation – and hence the influence of - British Worker.  It’s a powerful weapon in our armoury.  It talks about real bread and butter issues like jobs, wages and working conditions.  It says what you think. There’s no PC nonsense.  Its articles are direct and straight to the point.  
With this in mind, we think that in the coming weeks and months our enemies (both of the capitalist ‘right’ and communist ‘left’) will be surprised at Solidarity’s capability to produce a wide range of publications.  Without letting the cat out of the bag, all we can say is watch this space!
In the meantime, why not follow these three simple steps and help spread the word about Solidarity Trade Union!

  • STEP 1 – Simply e-mail [email protected] and ask for your FREE pdf copy of the latest issue of British Worker (issue 6).
  • STEP 2 – Read, enjoy and send any feedback to [email protected]
  • STEP 3 – Repost this article via Facebook, Twitter and so on.  Encourage all of your friends, relatives and workmates to order their copy of British Worker as soon as possible.  




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