15/02/2012 - Issue 6 of British Worker Out Soon!

KEEP your eyes peeled for the latest issue of Solidarity’s agitprop paper, British Worker.  Issue 6 should be out towards the end of this month.  And we firmly believe that it’ll be as popular and hard-hitting as the last issue, which was published in mid-December.

Issue 6 will look at the number of well-known high street names which have recently gone into administration.  It notes how retail workers - many of who are young, female and poorly paid – have been really hit hard and says that jobs “are going by the shed load.”

It’ll contrast this with the way governments can always find money for wars.  Or how there’s always money for the EU gravy-train or to bailout the bankers.  However, “they can never find money to help ordinary working families.”

This forthcoming issue is bound to be very popular – not only because of its message, but because it’s completely free!  To pre-order your copy, simply e-mail [email protected] and ask for your FREE pdf copy of British Worker (issue 6).


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