03/02/2012 - Issue 1 of Devon Worker out now!

SOLIDARITY TRADE UNION’S first regional publication has just been issued! Issue 1 of Devon Worker isalt now available to all members and supporters.

Two versions of the paper are available. One is an online version. It’s in full colour and is currently being sent out via the internet. To get hold of your copy simply e-mail [email protected] and ask for your FREE pdf copy.

The other is a printed version –and It’s printed in Devon’s traditional colours of green, white and black. Glen Nicklasson - Solidarity’s South West Regional Organiser – is currently arranging the printing and distribution of 5000 copies.

He is anxious to get leafleting with Devon Worker and has initially earmarked Torquay, Plymouth and Newton Abbott for distribution.

Devon Worker’s main article looks at social problems that revolve around bad housing and associated Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB). The paper notes:

“Bad housing in Devon comes in many forms. Some is public housing – but much of it is found in the private rented sector. Take Torbay, for instance. Here many tenants with young families are forced to live in unsafe, appalling conditions. Unfortunately, some greedy and unscrupulous landlords only care about their income. They have little consideration for their tenants and neighbours.”

Explaining the problem, Glen told us:

“We thought it was important for Solidarity to talk about social issues – in this case bad housing – as well as purely economic issues.
Most people have a very quaint view of Devon. But the reality is very different. For instance, in parts of Torquay, we have slum housing that’s just as bad as inner-city areas of London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham.”

Glen hopes to have the 5000 copies of issue 1 distributed as soon as possible. “After that it looks like Cornish Worker might be the next publication produced from this part of the world”.

Solidarity Trade Union would like to hear from other members and supporters who would be interested in helping produce a publication either for their nation, region or trade. Priority will be given to those who – like our comrades in Devon - wish to distribute printed copies. For more details e-mail [email protected]

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