14/01/2012 - Devon Worker – Coming Soon!

TOWARDS the end of last year, Solidarity Trade Union launched the new agitprop-style ‘street’ version of British Worker.

Issue 5 featured a screaming headline – What A Waste! – and attacked the way successive governments can always find money for foreign imperialist military adventures, but never has anything to spend on schools, hospitals, libraries, transport or job creation programmes.

British Worker isaimed at ordinary British working families, who’d normally read the Sun, or Mirror. Therefore, it’ll concentrate on ‘bread and butter’ issues. It’s very ‘populist’ in tone – and its articles are tight, punchy and to the point. This is reflected in the latest issue which suggests that Cameron and Clegg should “take a long walk off of a short plank”.

The reaction to this issue of British Worker has been so positive that we’ve been asked to produce our proposed national, regional and trade-based publications far earlier than we originally anticipated!

It’s looking increasingly likely that Scottish Worker will be our first national publication and Health CareWorker will be our first trade-based publication.

However, before these are produced, our first confirmed regional publication will be Devon Worker. And it should be hitting the streets later this month!

We spoke to Glen Nicklasson - Solidarity’s South West Regional Organiser – who told us:

“I’m really excited about the first issue of Devon Worker. As well as an e-version, I’ll also be arranging for copies to be printed up. This means that we can viral the paper out via the internet and leaflet with it door-to-door. It can also be handed out on the streets and distributed at various work place locations.

I recognise that the first few issues will be produced on an ad hoc basis. However, my aim is to have teams of Trade Unionists distributing thousands of copies here on a regular basis.

We’ll also be looking at expanding right across the South West – so expect to see publications like Cornish Worker, Dorset Worker, Somerset Worker and so on!”

As soon as issue 1 of Devon Worker is out we’ll let all Solidarity members and supporters know. However in the meantime, why not catch up on old copies of British Worker?

To view issue 1 of British Worker (Magazine format) click here:

To view issue 2 of British Worker (Magazine format) click here:

To view issue 3 of British Worker (Magazine format) click here:

To get hold of issues 4 (Magazine format) and 5 (Agit-prop format) of British Worker, simply e-mail [email protected]and ask for your FREE pdf copy!



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